Salt-Away & Mixer Combo


The Salt-Away & Mixer Combo is a top-quality cleaning solution that helps to protect your marine equipment from salt buildup and corrosion. This product comes with a unique mixer that can be attached to your garden hose, allowing you to clean your boat or other marine equipment quickly and easily.

The Salt-Away & Mixer Combo contains a powerful formula that is designed to break down and remove salt, as well as other mineral deposits and contaminants, from your equipment. This solution is perfect for use on boats, trailers, engines, and other marine equipment.

To use, simply attach the mixer to your garden hose and add the Salt-Away solution to the reservoir. The mixer will automatically dilute the solution to the correct concentration, allowing you to clean your equipment thoroughly without any harsh chemicals or damaging abrasives.

With the Salt-Away & Mixer Combo, you can ensure that your marine equipment remains in top condition for years to come. So why wait? Order your Salt-Away & Mixer Combo today and enjoy a clean, corrosion-free marine experience!

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