Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment 500ml


Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment is a powerful biocide that effectively prevents or eliminates microbial contamination, commonly known as Diesel Bug, from diesel fuel. Our treatment is a broad spectrum, targeting Yeast, Mould, and Bacteria that can cause fuel degradation and clog fuel filters. With just a 100ml bottle, you can protect up to 2000 liters of fuel (50ppm) from diesel bug growth. For severe contamination, use 100ml per 100 liters (1000ppm). Our diesel bug treatment disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank, remaining active for over a year in extreme temperatures. Trusted by the RNLI, The Royal Marines, Sea Start, and River Canal Rescue, our Diesel Bug Treatment is the top choice in the industry. In fact, we were named number 1 in the Practical Boat Owner magazine review. Don’t worry about overdosing, as our treatment won’t harm your engine. Protect your fuel system with Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment today.

  1. First, check the level of fuel in your tank and calculate the amount of Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment required based on the recommended dosage of 100ml per 2000 liters of fuel (50ppm).
  2. If you suspect serious contamination, increase the dosage to 100ml per 100 liters of fuel (1000ppm).
  3. Add the required amount of Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment directly into your fuel tank.
  4. Ensure the product is well mixed by running the engine for a short time or by gently stirring the fuel in the tank.
  5. Allow the product to work for at least 24 hours before using your engine.
  6. For best results, use Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment as a preventative measure before contamination occurs.

Remember that overdosing with Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment will not harm your engine, so it is better to use slightly more of the product than less if you are unsure about the level of contamination in your fuel.

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