International Compass Varnish 750ml


Compass Varnish. Fast Dry, High Durability, High Gloss Polyurethane Varnish

Compass, a fast-drying, highly durable one-part polyurethane gloss varnish, allows you to reduce your work time and labour efficiency, without compromising on aesthetics or protection. Apply two coats per day — the fast-dry formulation minimises dust contamination — and sand only after every 2nd or 3rd coat. Achieve a professional, longlasting finish that will deliver maximum resistance to abrasion, chemical water and alcohol spills. Compass is ‘light amber’ in colour, to emphasise the colour and appearance of natural wood. Compass is suitable for all internal and external woods, and can be applied directly to oily timbers, such as teak and iroko.

– Tough durable polyurethane finish
– Fast-dry formulation requires sanding only after every 2-3 coats
– Contains HALS and UV absorbers
– Superior flow and application characteristics
– Light amber colour
– Optimised for application in cool to moderate climates
– Suitable for all internal and external woods, including oily timbers

– Excellent resistance to scratches, surface abrasion, oil, mild acid/alkali and alcohol spills
– Apply 2 coats per day; dust contamination is minimised and work time is reduced
– Wood is protected from sunlight degradation; lifespan of the coating is extended
– A smooth professional finish
– Enhances the colour of natural wood
– Can be used without thinning between 15°C and 30°C
– Can be applied direct to teak and iroko

Systems and compatibility
Compass can be applied to all woods; including oily woods such as teak and iroko, after adequate preparation and degreasing (Thinner No. 1 is recommended). It can also be applied over existing one-part varnishes and International Perfection and Perfection Plus two-part varnishes. Do not apply two-part varnishes over one-part products

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